Some art in the heart

I didn’t have expectations for this event that I had my art at. I did think we would sell someone’s art besides something for like $5 that was a poetry zine. Oh and someone’s Grandmother bought something too I believe. There were all of these booths and all different kinds of art like photography, oil paintings, metal, pottery, acrylic, mixed media, prints, originals, etc. No one seemed to sell anything except a notecard. There is the belief from my artist agent (that I don’t pay so my sister says I shouldn’t call him my agent) that people are starting to get more comfortable with the economy but they aren’t at the point where they want to make a bigger purchase. So it seems like that is the consensus and no one sold anything besides notecards and a button from what I could tell. I didn’t have to pay for a booth space so I was happy that I wasn’t out a bunch of money.

I talked to a lot of people that I knew or didn’t know and had a nice time yesterday while I was there. Maybe that was the whole point.


One thought on “Some art in the heart

  1. thank you for you gifted words amy, on my blog. i looked all around here, enjoying myself so much. your paintings, jewelry and photo’s are wonderful!! i loved this honest post…so hard to put yourself out there sometimes, but these days people are definitely holding on tighter to their hard earned money. i will truly be shocked if someone purchases a piece from me on the art walk this time around…and you were right, maybe that’s a reminder for all of we artists with a soul…it would help so much to sell, but that’s not REALLY why we do it (sounds so cliche, but so true). Keep on a goin’ girl, you can only go up and your work is BEAUTIFUL…and your children look like such LOVING little dolls. thank you for sharing and for YOUR incouragement. xo wanda

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