Earth paint and Cernnunos

I made some paint last weekend with clay soil from the front yard. I was planting a comfrey plant from a friend and found some soil that was sort of clay-like so I brought it inside, strained the big chuncks through a sifter and then mixed it with acrylic matte medium. I really like the texture and the color. I will blend it better next time with a mortar and pestle I think but this was really cool to make. I used some of the brown on the Cernnunos painting actually. I have gotten this far making him and just have to finish some details tonight if I get a chance.



3 thoughts on “Earth paint and Cernnunos

  1. there's a guy on youtube who paints with mud. his paintings were popular on ebay for a while, but i'm not sure if he's painting anymore. his style is folk art, primitive..just like what you painted. reminded me of him.

  2. i love that you thought of this!!! i have fried dyed and wrenched so many things from the earth…always to at least learn something and get better ideas…again, i love that you thought of this, amy and went for it, a girl after my own heart..and your "primitive man" rocks with the earth…way to go!!! xo

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