Jesse Reno

It was so damn hot today. I really didn’t feel like leaving the house but the Hawthorne Street fair was going on and I could have cared less about that part of it. Jesse Reno was repainting a mural though so I thought I should go watch for a little bit. I really like watching him paint but then this girl kept getting right in his face with a large lense and he finally told her to move out of his way. There’s really no point to getting that close you have to look at things from far away in my opinion. I was having an issue internally when he painted over a portion of the painting. I left and bought a waving Chinese cat and then came back to see that the mural was changed again. The portion on the right remained the same or at least until I left. I never talked to him because he seemed to be in the groove of painting and I didn’t want to be like the annoying camera girl was and getting too close and wrecking the mojo.

P.S. There is an update on what it now looks like on his site. I like it even more now.


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