Thunderbird part 1

I covered a piece of wood in tissue paper and then lightly washed it with a violet color. Yesterday I went crazy with fingerpainting and smearing paint all over it. My intention was to do some playing around and then see if anything emerged from it. I worked on it again this morning and then I saw a large bird. I kind of outlined it a little and came inside to Google thunderbird because I thought that was what was revealing itself. Indeed it is a thunderbird and so I outlined it in black for now so I have it on there. I am going to change a couple things but thought I would show part 1 for now. I think it looks too much like Jesse Reno style painting which is what I was intending in the technique but not the outcome. I don’t use any text and I am using a defined image of a creature so that is different as well as the spirals, etc. So overall I guess not. I wanted to try more of this type of technique because it’s so cool how things appear before you and then they come into existence.

I will share more about the thunderbird in general tomorrow if I get time. It’s so cool!


One thought on “Thunderbird part 1

  1. I love this one, do more like it! Also, I am getting you some texture paste or something today. What is it you usually use? Its a present, with favors attached, I have a few more pictures I need you to straighten out. And I want to see more paintings with cool texture! Email me to tell me what kind of texture medium you prefer.

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