I got a new camera on Saturday. My old one died Friday evening finally. It was on the out for about a week making horrible noises and not working at times. I always intend to save up for a new camera but haven’t. A camera is important to me. My husband was in a giving mood and told me to go and buy the camera I really want instead of one that we would replace in two years.  I have been doing photography since high school while developing my own film. In community college I took two courses and in college I was going to minor in photography but I didn’t have time. My first job was heavily photo-based as a journalist and then I used digital cameras for 4 years at my job off and on. I use my camera as much as I use my car. 🙂

I am still getting used to it and I was stopping a lot yesterday on our way out to get tomatoes and goat’s milk. “Watch out Mama’s got a new camera,” is what my husband kept telling the girls in the backseat. Willow enjoyed saying the different animal names. She hadn’t seen a sheep before up close that I can recall. The photo of the goat below is actually a meat goat and not a milk goat in case there is a goat expert looking at these. 🙂


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