Happy Halloween


Curry and fall fun

I made some pumpkin curry today which turned out really good I must say. I think I will share the recipe in my next newsletter. 🙂 I sent one out about the photo show but I should have another ready in a few more days after I finish two paintings.

Melody is off from school this week so I am sort of trying to do Halloween things all week with them. We went to the second pumpkin patch. We haven’t been here before in the fall to get pumpkins because it’s usually more crowded but it wasn’t this afternoon. It was pure fun for kids.


We went to the beach this weekend and it was a storming mess. It’s usually rainy at the coast but there were high waves, wind and rain off and on the whole time. I didn’t mind that much but the girls and David got a little crazy in the cottage room after awhile. We did get out and about and almost got stuck on some rocks while looking for tidepools (there weren’t any). We ate ice cream for dinner one night and Willow liked halibut which I guess she hadn’t tried before. We also went to a cranberry bog/farm. I didn’t know they grew them out where we were in Long beach (Wa.) and so we stopped at one. We also visited a lighthouse and the free museum which was home of Jake the Alligator man. They had all these cool arcade-type games including I think Zelda the fortune teller who we got to read our fortune.

Favorite Halloween Books

Better late than never I thought I would share a few of my favorite Halloween books with you. These are all for ages 4 – 9 in my opinion. Of course it depends on the attention span. 🙂

Scaredy-Cat, Splat! By Rob Scotton

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything  By Linda Williams

Room on the Broom By Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Zen Ghosts By Jon J. Muth

Witch Way to Witch School  By Scott Santoro

Twisted Sistahs: The True Story of the First Halloween…honest! By Mark Kimball Moulton and Karen Hillard Good

Fall color

I took a “new” photo of this “old” truck down a back road near my house. I then altered it so it loked almost like a painting. The others are of course leaves across the street.


Pumpkins and epiphany

I had a mini epiphany the other day. I was staring at the She Who Watches and realized it scared me or really it just looked kind of like something I wouldn’t want on my wall. So if I were to finish it and list it in my Etsy shop then who would buy it? I wouldn’t buy it so I painted over it! Naughty me I know. I have the digital image still which if I need it I could use it for something. We have quite a bit of wall space most of which is taken up with all my artwork but the items I have bought are something that I see and I just love so I get it. This is basically a dragonfly from Cost Plus, a print from an artist on Etsy and a small clay tablet piece of a horned god/animal from Arizona. Oh and I also have two little signs of wood that are painted. I need some more canvas and I have to finish a few ideas soon which I am motivated to do.

This weekend we went to the Sleeping Beauty ballet (the hour-long version for kids) and took Melody. Melody liked it and her favorite part was the mean queen. She has a different name in the original version (not Malificent).

Yesterday we went to get pumpkins at the farm. Willow wanted a large one and then brought about 10 small ones to me just because she could. 🙂

She who watches

I started working on this “She Who Watches” or Tsagaglal last week. I still don’t like it but I took a photo and then altered it a little and changed the colors. I like the altered version better than reality. 🙂 This image is a petroglyph in Washington. I haven’t actuallly visited it and I would like to. You have to make special arrangements ahead of time.

The legend about her is as follows…

“There was a village on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge. And this was long ago when people were not yet real people, and that is when we could talk to the animals.

And so Coyote — the Trickster — came down the river to the village and asked the people if they were living well. And they said “Yes, we are, but you need to talk to our chief, Tsagaglal. She lives up in the hill.”

So Coyote pranced up the hill and asked Tsagaglal if she was a good chief or one of those evildoers. She said, “No, my people live well. We have lots of salmon, venison, berries, roots, good houses. Why do you ask?” And Coyote said, “Changes are going to happen. How will you watch over your people?” And so she didn’t know.

And it was at that time that Coyote changed her into a rock to watch her people forever.”

Take only pictures

I was reading about simplification recently and one man took photos of possessions that he loved or wanted to keep but got rid of. He didn’t get rid of the memory the item had just it’s vessel. I went to the thrift store Sunday and took only pictures. This is my favorite.