I started this painting and then I didn’t like it so I went out and worked on it again this morning. I really don’t like it now either! I actually just don’t like the colors. I don’t know why I used the colors I did. I am going to mix better colors and change it….again. 🙂 I thought it would look better with a couple changes and I tried the color changes in Photoshop and I like it better. I used the alcohol ink on it but I don’t like the top part with the criss crossing so I will fix that too.

Yesterday was my birthday so I am now a year older which I also don’t like. I would like to have dinner and cake and none of the year older stuff. 🙂

The weather is supposed to be a little colder this week. This is good and bad because as soon as Melody gets home from school she wants to rush outside to play for two hours. Usually this is ok but some days I don’t want to sit out there and corral Willow back every 10 minutes.

I got a book to teach me how to play the fiddle so I will be working on that this week too. I don’t want to break one of the strings so I may take it and have my neighbor help me tune it if he is home this week. If I get good enough to play a song I will let you know!


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