Pumpkins and epiphany

I had a mini epiphany the other day. I was staring at the She Who Watches and realized it scared me or really it just looked kind of like something I wouldn’t want on my wall. So if I were to finish it and list it in my Etsy shop then who would buy it? I wouldn’t buy it so I painted over it! Naughty me I know. I have the digital image still which if I need it I could use it for something. We have quite a bit of wall space most of which is taken up with all my artwork but the items I have bought are something that I see and I just love so I get it. This is basically a dragonfly from Cost Plus, a print from an artist on Etsy and a small clay tablet piece of a horned god/animal from Arizona. Oh and I also have two little signs of wood that are painted. I need some more canvas and I have to finish a few ideas soon which I am motivated to do.

This weekend we went to the Sleeping Beauty ballet (the hour-long version for kids) and took Melody. Melody liked it and her favorite part was the mean queen. She has a different name in the original version (not Malificent).

Yesterday we went to get pumpkins at the farm. Willow wanted a large one and then brought about 10 small ones to me just because she could. 🙂


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