Curry and fall fun

I made some pumpkin curry today which turned out really good I must say. I think I will share the recipe in my next newsletter. đŸ™‚ I sent one out about the photo show but I should have another ready in a few more days after I finish two paintings.

Melody is off from school this week so I am sort of trying to do Halloween things all week with them. We went to the second pumpkin patch. We haven’t been here before in the fall to get pumpkins because it’s usually more crowded but it wasn’t this afternoon. It was pure fun for kids.


2 thoughts on “Curry and fall fun

  1. Pumpkin curry looks yum. I like to use pumpkin in all soups to thicken them up and give a boostof good vegetable with no one being the wiser. Bread too, make it moist and flavorful. Girls look so cute. Days of pumpkins and hayrides. xox Corrine

  2. Newsletter?! hm..I must have missed the announcement. I don’t see it in your sidebar. Let me know when you have it set up here on your new blog, k? Or, you can just add my email, if you want mizkatie228 @ gmail . com Hope the spammers don’t pick up on that address. lol

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