Big and small

I shouldn’t have signed up for Art Every Day this month. I have done the least amount of art this month compared to most months in the year. Oh well I will make up for it soon.

I added some different colors then removed them on this textured canvas. I am thinking of doing a tree on it so I put one on there in Photoshop for now to see how it looked.

I have a lot of paint and texurizing  mediums to use but I just have to get some large canvases. I am going to try to make them. Why I am going to paint big paintings when I don’t sell the small ones I don’t know but I figure if any of them are good enough I could always put them into the art in local businesses rotation. There are three smaller pieces in that right now.

This weekend I made some ornaments or started to with friends. Melody made a necklace/mala and Willow emptied the beads from one section and put them into another one.

This morning Melody drew this picture of Elmo.


Pagan nativity

I made a pagan nativity scene about three years ago and meant to create another one to offer for sale. I actually did it this year, well one set. The idea of this is exciting to me and likely offensive to others.

Before Christianity pagans celebrated the return of the Sun or the Sun God. Later came the idea that Jesus was born at this time of year in a manger. So instead of three wise men I decided I wanted the maiden, mother, and crone, the three elements of the Goddess. The mother Goddess gives birth to the God and the light starts to slowly return to us.

I painted the peg dolls, embellished them and made the baby a crib. I also include the broom and then made a cauldron out of polymer clay and wire for the crone.

Krafty bags

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...This morning I was watching the clip of how to make krafty bags on Roben-Marie’s site and Melody saw it. Then school called with the automated message saying afternoon kindergarten was canceled (due to snow or the possibility of snow). I was going to the store anyways so I got some Jute string and the paper bags while I was there. We made these together this afternoon. I sewed all the scraps on the bags and glued a couple of spots that I didn’t want to sew together. I think these would be nice for jewelry gifts or gift cards. Melody wasn’t thinking in terms of the bag construction so I trimmed some of her’s a little bit. I had leftovers of her bags so I taped and sewed those to another bag (far right, second row).

Creative altars and spaces

Last year I sent a photo of my altar area in my workspace/studio area to Seth as part of the Pulse. It is up today on his blog along with some other studio shots from others. I have changed where I work on projects frequently but have decided lately that I should use the dining room table area in bad weather and in nicer weather be out in the garage.

I have at least one altar in the house at all times to display items of importance or inspiration including seasonal elements. This photo is of the family altar recently. I got the led candles from Walgreen’s (two for $5.00) and they come on at night when it gets dark and run on regular batteries. I have to use these until Willow is a little older. The items that are on this table change daily depending on what toys or outside tokens end up there.

Moving on

I started another painting today but the blue isn’t right and I haven’t covered up the first layer of the canvas well enough. I don’t usually paint images in my head so I forgot I was supposed to gesso before starting. I usually just start adding paint all over the place and use a lot of palette knives. Hopefully I can make this turn out the way I want to. I have no painting experience with this type of style except for watching Bob Ross sometimes with Willow. 🙂 Even then I just listen to him I don’t actuall watch him.

I drew two women or girls in my Moleskine journal but I haven’t finished them yet. Oh well I didn’t crop the second photo so there’s just the first one there. That’s what I did today!

Butterfly, mushrooms and worms

I finished the Goddess butterfly and listed her in my etsy shop. You can’t see the background very well so I might add another photo of that. It’s the tissue paper inside out and then painted over lightly with blue and white acrylic. A final layer of opalescent glitter is on the surface. I also have a few cards left of the Yule goddess that I designed in my shop as well. I hope to get more soon if those sell.

Last night we had a storm with howling wind and it blew down most of the remaining leaves on the trees. There were a lot of puddles full of leaves in various colors and worms crawling around on the pavement. I felt bad for the chickens because they don’t all sleep in the coops at night, they like the Asian pear tree as well. I was picturing them swaying in the wind and being cold and wet but I think they must have been ok.

I have been seeing so many mushrooms everywhere and I want to be able to identify them. I don’t want to eat them I just want to know what kind they are. I have found a couple of books that seem good and focus on the Pacific Northwest so maybe I will get one soon.


More painting on the butterfly and I did something to the background. I am thinking about painting over the dried tissue paper but I also like it like that. I used this old tissue paper with pink and blue flowers on it but I used it backward/inside out on the canvas to cover up the blue so it wouldn’t be really colorful. It is still not done yet. 😦

Melody and my husband did a lot of paintings this afternoon. They lined them all up and then Melody jumped over them.

The house is in crazy disarray this weekend but I hope we can get it decent by sometime tomorrow. Everyone uses the family dining table to do art at and then we don’t have any room for eating. I put up a card table on the other side of the room that is just for eating and so far this is working ok. We can’t make a separate art table because the table is a good size and we need the bookcase to have beads and paint high enough that Willow can’t reach them.



Haven’t been getting a lot done lately but oh well. Maybe I spent 5 minutes on this butterfly yesterday.

I took some photos of Melody’s collections yesterday including her shell collection. She can’t have white shells of course so she used her markers and colored on all of them. She also found a tiny shell pendant in the mix so she had to make a new necklace with it.

The butterfly painting I did I had to recreate for her on one canvas. I got her a two pack of canvases for $5 this weekend. I just sketched a design in pencil and she painted it in. We all like her version better especially the yellow. She then did another butterfly on the other canvas with a happy face that is cute. She wants to give this to her teacher so we are trying to make her wait till closer to Winter break.

Rainbow leaves

My husband took Melody out to do a rainbow leaf mandala yesterday. It turned out really well.

Worked for 5 minutes on the butterfly painting and then wrote some of my novel. I am not participating in the novel writing month and never have. I can’t do it that way, the writing that is. It has to come when it comes and that’s not always in November.