Rainbow leaves

My husband took Melody out to do a rainbow leaf mandala yesterday. It turned out really well.

Worked for 5 minutes on the butterfly painting and then wrote some of my novel. I am not participating in the novel writing month and never have. I can’t do it that way, the writing that is. It has to come when it comes and that’s not always in November.


4 thoughts on “Rainbow leaves

  1. I absolutely love the leaf mandala – that is fabulous – the colors are wonderful……. I love your butterfly painting..I look forward to seeing how it progresses along…I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment – your kindness is much appreciated…Have a great evening!!

  2. Gorgeous mandala and painting!! You have such a creative family, Amy. I wouldn't be surprised if your daughters grow up to be artists. Heck, they are artists already..what am I saying? duh!! You made me lol with this line – "It has to come when it comes and that's not always in November." I sooo get that. I have a hard time blogging sometimes because the words just won't come. That's why it's a challenge for me to blog every day this month. So far, I'm okay, and I can always fall back on photos only if I feel speechless, I suppose.

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