More painting on the butterfly and I did something to the background. I am thinking about painting over the dried tissue paper but I also like it like that. I used this old tissue paper with pink and blue flowers on it but I used it backward/inside out on the canvas to cover up the blue so it wouldn’t be really colorful. It is still not done yet. 😦

Melody and my husband did a lot of paintings this afternoon. They lined them all up and then Melody jumped over them.

The house is in crazy disarray this weekend but I hope we can get it decent by sometime tomorrow. Everyone uses the family dining table to do art at and then we don’t have any room for eating. I put up a card table on the other side of the room that is just for eating and so far this is working ok. We can’t make a separate art table because the table is a good size and we need the bookcase to have beads and paint high enough that Willow can’t reach them.



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