Butterfly, mushrooms and worms

I finished the Goddess butterfly and listed her in my etsy shop. You can’t see the background very well so I might add another photo of that. It’s the tissue paper inside out and then painted over lightly with blue and white acrylic. A final layer of opalescent glitter is on the surface. I also have a few cards left of the Yule goddess that I designed in my shop as well. I hope to get more soon if those sell.

Last night we had a storm with howling wind and it blew down most of the remaining leaves on the trees. There were a lot of puddles full of leaves in various colors and worms crawling around on the pavement. I felt bad for the chickens because they don’t all sleep in the coops at night, they like the Asian pear tree as well. I was picturing them swaying in the wind and being cold and wet but I think they must have been ok.

I have been seeing so many mushrooms everywhere and I want to be able to identify them. I don’t want to eat them I just want to know what kind they are. I have found a couple of books that seem good and focus on the Pacific Northwest so maybe I will get one soon.


2 thoughts on “Butterfly, mushrooms and worms

  1. We get lots of mushrooms when the rain is like that too, the really yellow ones on the trees are sulpher shelf, some get as big as dishes, they are amazing. There are many that I have no idea too, just know that we don't want to eat them…Do you get dutchmen's pipe ghost like stalks with little pipe looking bowls upside down out there? xox Corrine

  2. The picture of the leaves in the puddles is captivating, and I love the mushrooms too. We have tons around here and I'm always seeing them when I'm out hiking and whatnot. I alway have to stop and take pictures but to be honest I never thought of learning their names. Great idea!

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