Big and small

I shouldn’t have signed up for Art Every Day this month. I have done the least amount of art this month compared to most months in the year. Oh well I will make up for it soon.

I added some different colors then removed them on this textured canvas. I am thinking of doing a tree on it so I put one on there in Photoshop for now to see how it looked.

I have a lot of paint and texurizing  mediums to use but I just have to get some large canvases. I am going to try to make them. Why I am going to paint big paintings when I don’t sell the small ones I don’t know but I figure if any of them are good enough I could always put them into the art in local businesses rotation. There are three smaller pieces in that right now.

This weekend I made some ornaments or started to with friends. Melody made a necklace/mala and Willow emptied the beads from one section and put them into another one.

This morning Melody drew this picture of Elmo.


2 thoughts on “Big and small

  1. Elmo!!! You're so lucky to be surrounded by little artists every day, Amy. 🙂 I am so happy that AEDM is over! It's been a loooong month. I finished out the end with mostly photographs because I just couldn't keep up the pace of painting and blogging. I don't mind the painting, but the every day blogging is wearing me down.

  2. Isn't it always the way. I signed up for sketchbook project am halfway through and don't even want to look at it.Really like this piece and all the color and texture. Elmo was my son's favorite too! xox Corrine

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