Today I am very thankful both my girls were old enough to have the flu mist instead of the shot. 🙂 Went on our annual family fun trip to get those this morning.

Willow tried tasting the paint today which she discovered isn’t good at all.

I broke my curse of not selling art for a year and a half. Someone bought something last week and then I have sold a lot of Yule greeting cards. I only have one left. I am thinking of getting some more and packaging them together maybe. The other idea I was thinking of was to get sets of cards with my art/photos on them. Maybe that is something that would also sell well? The larger paintings I have done (16 by 20) don’t reproduce that well since they are based on texture  but there are several that would work and the photos of course. No luck at the photography show last month. No sales and little interest which the organizer/curator said happens. I don’t feel bad since mine wasn’t even the best work and one of the other men had really awesome stuff and didn’t sell any. I don’t like to compare myself but sometimes it helps when I know that I had nice work and so did others. I am really appreciative of being included in the show to begin with and for all the attention or comments I have gotten this past year. I am really lucky and so happy and thankful! Two of my friends have given me extra paint and texture  medium they were using so I could keep creating despite the cost of new material when you aren’t selling. I try to put money from sales into supplies so I have $28 to spend this month on canvas and such. 🙂


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