Melody’s art

I ordered a roll of canvas with some Christmas money and am waiting till it gets here! I have canvases that were started but not finished yet. There is one canvas partially done, another 3/4 done (the trees and the path) and then a 6 by 6 gessoboard that has the background painted. While I was painting that I was standing next to Melody and telling her to be careful with the paint and not get any on the carpet. So what did Mom do? A giant blob of yello   w paint dropped onto the ca rpet and I had to clean it up. So I really have nothing to sho w exactly.

Melody got a two-pack of canvases from our friend Sara and she painted both the next day in about 15 minutes. They are hanging on the walls already. She also made several mandalas I took photos of. My husband has been doing mandalas the past year or so from a book and she likes to do them with him.

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