New Year goals

I never make resolutions because I really don’t believe in them. I have been making a theme of sorts for my new year and even carried the theme of “have more fun be more fun” over for about three years. I don’t think I was being more fun or having more fun so I needed to try again. 🙂 This year I decided I would “get out more” and that means just really getting out of the house more. This will entail more gas but possibly more fun and broader horizons this year. With a 2-year-old who naps and a 5-year-old in school for half the day my weekdays are somewhat shot during this time of year. I can go out in the early evening but really it gets dark so soon or it’s raining so hard that I usually don’t go out. I get errands done in the morning if possible but I want to start exploring more and getting out “there” a little more this year. So Portland and Vancouver here I come!

The other goal I have is to not so much eat healthier but try new foods and combinations. I used to make cheese and wine and will try to do that this year as well as try some raw recipes and some grain recipes out including quinoa and black rice as well as some herbal soups. I want to try a nettle soup very soon which is so good for you and is like a potato herb soup with benefits really. From age 16 to age 24 I was a vegetarian that ate fish. I don’t remember the term for that. Then I ate poultry on occasion and then went 6 months without it here and there. I still go through phases of eating chicken or not eating it but I don’t really think about it. I know I should think about it but really I just go with what I want to eat because I think your body is a good barometer of what it needs. We never need to eat meat for iron or protein but we have been conditioned to think we do. Also, kids don’t grow up eating broccoli and spinach with nuts to the point that they know how to supply this for themselves either I don’t think. Ok so enough of that. I want to try some new recipes out like tempeh ruebens, red quinoa and black rice with something and coconut water and miso and….


One thought on “New Year goals

  1. I love making resolutions. I don't worry too much about keeping them. I think of it as setting my intentions out there and setting the tone for the new year. I think your theme for the new year is great. I am thinking about mine now too.

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