Well hi there

We had a wonderful holiday and I hope you did as well. 🙂 I was sort of worried like maybe Moms tend to be when presents are wrapped and you think it doesn’t look like much. We try not to go crazy around here because we can’t afford it and also it’s good to set a precedent while the kids are young I think that they aren’t going to get 50 presents from us every year. I also chose more quality things that I knew would be played with and not be cast quickly aside. For Willow this is her water and sand table that I finally found for about $27.00 instead of $80, a magnetic design kit, an owl book and for Melody art supplies and books and a scooter. She also got a globe which has been a great thing so far because she can see where different countries are and where people we know visit or where we have been.

I made two new things, well three really, this year in the kitchen. I made a chocolate torte, my great-grandma’s or great-great grandma’s? salty cookies, and then a Mexican orzo salad. For some reason we choose a theme for Christmas sometimes and go with that. It was a Mexican theme with my  Mom’s enchiladas so I made the salad which we are still eating. It’s very good and goes with my idea to try out new recipes this year or new foods or combinations. I tried a raw Kambucha strawberry drink this morning from the store and it sprayed all over my pants so I smelled like beer. It was a little too tangy for me even with the strawberry flavor so I added honey to it when I got home. I like the ginger pear variety better but I will still try new ones.


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