Canvas project

Finally got the roll of canvas I ord ered awhile ago. I realized why it took so long. It’s bigger    than I had visualized. I was thinking 3 yards in terms of fabric not a big roll like this. So really a bonus! I went to Lowe’s to get the wood for making stretcher bars. I also got a miter saw but I wore my arm out on this one canvas. I think I may look at my Dad’s saw to see if there is a tilt I can use on it or something so I don’t have to wear out my arm.

Willow was interested in the whole process and wanted to help but I waited to saw till she was distracted and then she rearranged the pieces for awhile. The canvas I may need to tighten later but for now it looks pretty good.

I am completely spacially challenged and so I had to mark the wood the way the 45 degree angles were supposed to go because I couldn’t figure it out in my head. I just used a crayon before I started. The wood you use should be decent quality and something that isn’t going to warp. There were smaller, thinner pieces at the hardware store but they were bowing or curving already and so I decided to get these instead.

The cost of doing this you rself is worth figuring it out. I kept sawing all the way to the bottom of the wood and then I had a tiny piece that wouldn’t saw off. I should have used smaller pieces too because these are 2 by 1s or 3 by 1s I can’t remember. They were 1.50 or $2 each I think and I got 2. I like

that they are heavy duty and I like the quality of the canvas I got (which I completely guessed at because I don’t know what kind of canvas I buy usually). I have a heavy duty stapler I got from Craft Warehouse which I used a 40 percent off coupon for so it was 8.00 or so. The final result is about 3 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet. I don’t have a measuring ta pe so I am looking at how tall Willow is. 🙂

Although you might want to use gesso first I decided to just throw some paint on it to start off. I used so me blue already and then some white here and there with a large brush. I use layers anyways and so it doesn’t matter what color I use first.

If you want more information or photo s about doing this visit this site.


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