Kyphi incense

Last year I made some Kyphi incense which has a lot of ingredients and they look like rum balls while they are drying. You burn them and they smell really good! I made more this year and I think they turned out even better. The thing I like about this incense is the process. I like making something that is going to take awhile and I can put some energy into.

This Egyptian incense is listed among the goods that the king will enjoy in the afterlife.

The incense has different ingredients depending on personal taste or in my opinion availability. Most include honey, raisins, red wine, cinnamon, myrhh and frankincense. My incense also includes cardamon and gum mastic, red sandalwood and cedar oil. You have to let the ingredients stay together for awhile including the raisins soaking in the wine and herbs. When they are first formed they are too moist and then I let them dry for about 5 days. I will put some in my other Etsy shop soon and let you know. 🙂


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