What I have been doing

I started on the big canvas and it’s not going as well as I had hoped. I should have figured out what kind of style I was going for before I started. I do “see” something in it now but I have to go back and cover up a couple parts, mainly the upper left corner.Oh and a sidenote which I find funny is that I used the wrong side of the canvas. The primed side is what you are supposed to use since I got it primed already. I looked at that and thought it didn’t look right to paint on and so I used the sensible canvas side. In the future I can save money by getting the unprimed since that’s what I really use. 🙂

I started painting a woman th e other day and used colored pencils, pencil and then water color on her so far. She now has a sticker from some bananas. She is too boring still so she’s going to get some additions to her and the background today.

Willow has not taken a nap in about a week. This is not good for me because I have to entertain her during this time instead of paint or read which is what I normally do. The main table is still the art table as Melody takes over after school or in the mornings and draws or paints things. I am trying to organize things so we can find tools especially and then clean out the shelf with the beads on it so we can get to those too.

My box of pencils have been combined with a lot of her’s lately because I got her almost every pink and purple prismacolor pencil along with a couple of blue ones for Christmas.

I got some craft storage containers at Michael’s the other day and I thought I was being all thrifty because the craft ones were all the right size and cheaper than the ones for paint. I don’t like the w ay that the caps fit on though so I will probably get different ones eventually. I need something to mix paint in and save.

I am reading three books at once I think which I don’t like to do unless they aren’t novels. I got a Celtic spirituality book that I am lo ving so far and also a couple of acrylic books from the library. The source book is surprisingly good an d I can skip over some parts that don’t really apply. I like learning about the combinations of acryclics and mediums and seeing the photos of the colors which are transparent or wet or dry, etc. I have another book I got for Christmas on abstract painting that is really good as well. When I am finished reading all these I will do a few reviews for anyone interested.

The other two ideas I have along with those reviews are some online art shopping finds as well as some technique videos I hope to do. There are several classes that I would love to take but they are about $300 each and they aren’t in my budget of course. I know they aren’t in a lot of other people’s budgets either. So I am going to experiment with some things and film it to share if anyone is interested. I know there are people who visit my site who are artists and others who maybe want to see what new things I am doing.


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