Very misc.

I am loving the inspiration for new recipes from Alisa Burke here and here. I have red quinoa and several cookbooks that include recipes but it’s still in the cupboard staring at me.I like her idea for using it and also there’s a cool post about it here with links to more recipes.

We have eaten most of the black rice that I got and I love it. Love forbidden rice!I decided I don’t like tempeh if I cook it myself. If I have it at a restaurant I do like it so I must be doing something wrong.

Willow actually took a nap yesterday and I painted this without gluing the paper down yet. I upped the contrast or saturation so you can see the maple seeds better. I am going to fix that on the painting itself still. I hardly ever do anything horizontal and I had this idea in my head for a year so I got most of it done!


3 thoughts on “Very misc.

  1. ps: wp does have a gallery ability. you make a page (or you can use it in an entry if you want), and then use a’s called next gen gallery.

    if you go to my blog, and then check out my pages..which are the top tabs like Altered Books or Art Journals, you will see how the gallery looks. i am using it on those pages.

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