Yarn dolls

Yesterday we made Brighid dolls and read a children’s story for the upcoming holiday of Imbolg.

Imbolg comes six weeks after Yule and six weeks before the Spring Equinox. At this time, we honor the Celtic Triple Goddess Brighid in her maiden aspect. Brighid is goddess of fire, inspiration, healing, craftsmanship, and midwifery. She is patroness of the hearth, poets, smiths, craftspeople, healers, and priests.

Imbolg is the winter festival of lights and honors the Goddess Brighid. It is the quickening of the year, the first fetal stirrings of Spring in the womb of Mother Earth. Spring lies within sight!

February 2 is also Groundhog’s Day. The groundhog is said to be a manifestation of the God. He has been sleeping since Samhain and stirs in his slumber to get an idea about the coming of Spring.

Once a month we are going to have “sun school” for the girls and read them a story that relates to a God or Goddess, holiday/season, and do a craft. The other requirement for sun school was cake so Melody and Willow helped with that beforehand.

The yarn dolls are very easy to make and you can have a lot of fun personalizing them into what kind of doll you want to have. There are instructions with photos  here. Traditionally the Brighid dolls are corn dollies that are made with corn leaves that are dried. It’s always fun to do something different and this was a great craft for all of us to do.

There are additional crafty ideas for kids and adults on Pooka pages here and from the ADF here.



2 thoughts on “Yarn dolls

  1. Hi Amy .. yippee !! i can read this !! ;o) Just saw your comment on mine – so thanks for letting me know and i`ll change the link to the right one on my blogroll bar !
    Lovely red colour for the yarn dolls too !

  2. My little doll feels like a celebrity getting a photo shoot in your blog! She is hanging on the desk lamp at my work looking fantastic and reminding me that spring is hiding down under the frost 🙂

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