For circle yesterday we did the Brighid tarot game here. It was really fun to do with a group and very insightful too because everyone has their own views and their own things they are working on bringing into the world. There are so many things that are starting as seedlings right now and will surface very soon in our lives.

I have a great feeling about this coming Spring Summer and into Fall. I really don’t like Winter at all and I am not inspired by it, don’t get more done because I am inside, or see too much of a point to it in my life.

We also did “sun school” or the pagan version of Sunday school. We just did a little spell with seeds. We drew our wishes on paper, folded it and put it in the bottom of the peat pot. We covered it with soil and a seed or two and then put a birthday candle in it. I thought we could light it once for awhile to get the wish started growing. You can light it again later too.



New painting

I finally finished this painting after I asked my husband what else it needed. He said it needed Greek text but I disagreed. The image of the church is actually from Germany and so I used some German runes on the painting instead and stained them with my oak gall ink.

I have two more paintings to finish this weekend if I get time. I want to go to a workshop on mason bees tomorrow and I have a story and a calendar to write up for a local paper. I am going to be covering visual arts for them so that will be really fun. I have slacked off in the writing department lately but this is a great match for me and shouldn’t cause any “disturbance” in my everyday mundane existence. 🙂 The idea of selling art and using the money for new supplies is great but when that doesn’t happen I can write about art and get money to buy supplies that way too.

I am going to finish this poppy painting this weekend. It’s sort of become more rose looking but that’s ok. I am going to paint over the petal text and add the stems.

Melody is 6

My oldest daughter turns 6 tomorrow and she had a great birthday celebration on Sunday. After 9 months, 23 hours of labor and 1 C-Section she came into the world on an unusually sunny February day in Portland. She sunbathed next to the window in the hospital room.

She wanted rollerblades for her birthday and chocolate cake. She initially was going to do bookmaking for her party but I suggested maybe drawing? And she said, “painting” so that’s what we did. I always make cakes but they turn out lopsided and I run out of frosting. This one looked fairly good in the end because I only did one layer. The kids didn’t actually make a mess painting at all and they each did one or two paintings that were pretty much dry by the time the party was over.

I love poppies and I tried to paint them last year. They got painted over that time, so they resurfaced a couple of days ago.

I lived in California for several years and didn’t pay that much attention to the orange flowers in the sunshine. I saw some in gardens over the years including the blue poppies and was so excited! I love blue flowers and blue poppies are my favorite. I will have to look at the plant nursery again this year or order some.

In the meantime I started a few red ones on this canvas. I don’t like the flat way they look so I already carved into them a little and then am going to add some paper on the petals. The side has been crackled which I love. The one-step crackle I found again at Joann’s. I couldn’t remember where I got it and I guess that’s where. It’s not even in with the other craft paints or antiquing stuff it’s a separate package up top on the rack.


We got our one snowfall of the year yesterday or I should say the season since it’s a new year. We were watching the big flakes fall down at breakfast and then came the neighbor’s knock on the door and Melody was dressed and out in 2 minutes to play. Willow for some reason is more reserved about the snow and I think it’s because she hasn’t really experienced much of it in her 2 years and 6 months. We haven’t had a lot of snow in the past two years, very little. She didn’t want to walk in it but she did want to throw snow and lick it. These photos are all a repeat from the album on Facebook. If you want to friend me feel free to look me up on there.




Links to inspiring artists

Through Tumblr and several other sites I have been finding a lot of wonderful art lately. I made a collection of links to share.

earth element
Chiyomi Taneike Longo
mixed media/collage on panel
42in x 38in    2004

Ann Symes
Donne Bitner
Jane Nodine
Launa D. Romoff
Stephanie Dalton
Joyce Hill
Michael Mew
John Wood
Barbara  Kaempf Matkowski
Laura Redburn
Claudia Sperry
Molly Bosley
Chiyomi Taneike Longo
Nicole Pietrantoni
Celia Gray
Nathan Margalit

Valentines and butterflies

Any holiday involving paper or pink is a good one for Melody and Willow. Melody made her Valentine box to take to school and then had to address her valentine cards and make a few extra for people. Willow liked making a collage with the leftovers. One of the valentine cards has a customizable monster with these cute stickers. Melody drew her own larger version on paper.








I finished this lotus flower, butterfly painting yesterday and put it in my Etsy shop. I like the colors and it’s small but still big enough that it shows up.

Tumblr and nuetrals

I have a tumblr site that I will put a link to on the side sometimes soon I spend way too much time on there looking at images and reblogging them. When I have been looking at other images I am liking the nuetral art including a lot of beige and white and black. I never use these colors in any paintings so I used the last piece of watercolor paper on Friday to make something different. I want to make some more with these colors on my new canvases I have yet to make. Willow scraped her knee and didn’t want to go to the hardware store yesterday. I don’t blame her.  Most people wouldn’t consult with their 2-year-old on these matters but I often do.