Handmade incense

From the forest and the field comes this incense Willow and I made together. We collected oak moss and oak bark, pine resin and incense cedar branches and bark all in the same afternoon. It was really cool to make this and smell it when it was finished. Something about using a mortar and pestle is so fun for kids. Maybe it’s the pounding or grinding. Melody has always liked making incense with me too. I have been using an old coffee grinder but I think I need to replace it with something else. I don’t know if they make an herb grinder or maybe a bigger coffee grinder I could get to use. The one I use only takes about a couple teaspoons of matter at a time and I still have to use the mortar and pestle too. We added cedar and pine essential oils at the end and I got a nice jar to put it in. We burned some of this at Imbolg to try it out.

The kyphi incense I had made around Yule is ready and also for sale. It has cinnamon, saffron, myrhh, frankincense, juniper berries, calamus root, cardammon and several other ingredients. It’s made into a more resinous incense by way of adding herbs slowly and pounding honey and raisins into the herbs to let them all mesh together. It smells wonderful. I have seen some oil made from Kyphi as well and I wonder if I should try making some of that next. It would be great perfume!

These are both for sale in my magical etsy shop where I will be carrying more herbal and magical items soon.



One thought on “Handmade incense

  1. your new blog is wonderful looking, amy. i love that you are engaging your girls in your work. i too love dyeing just about anything. your incense is intriguing! thank you for your visit to my blog…i have been too busy to look at anyone else’s yet. xo

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