New painting

I finally finished this painting after I asked my husband what else it needed. He said it needed Greek text but I disagreed. The image of the church is actually from Germany and so I used some German runes on the painting instead and stained them with my oak gall ink.

I have two more paintings to finish this weekend if I get time. I want to go to a workshop on mason bees tomorrow and I have a story and a calendar to write up for a local paper. I am going to be covering visual arts for them so that will be really fun. I have slacked off in the writing department lately but this is a great match for me and shouldn’t cause any “disturbance” in my everyday mundane existence. 🙂 The idea of selling art and using the money for new supplies is great but when that doesn’t happen I can write about art and get money to buy supplies that way too.

I am going to finish this poppy painting this weekend. It’s sort of become more rose looking but that’s ok. I am going to paint over the petal text and add the stems.


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