For circle yesterday we did the Brighid tarot game here. It was really fun to do with a group and very insightful too because everyone has their own views and their own things they are working on bringing into the world. There are so many things that are starting as seedlings right now and will surface very soon in our lives.

I have a great feeling about this coming Spring Summer and into Fall. I really don’t like Winter at all and I am not inspired by it, don’t get more done because I am inside, or see too much of a point to it in my life.

We also did “sun school” or the pagan version of Sunday school. We just did a little spell with seeds. We drew our wishes on paper, folded it and put it in the bottom of the peat pot. We covered it with soil and a seed or two and then put a birthday candle in it. I thought we could light it once for awhile to get the wish started growing. You can light it again later too.



One thought on “February

  1. I’ve never thought about formally having a Sun school. What a perfect way to share the pagan path with children. Thanks for sharing your simple ritual/spell with seeds. Perfect right now.

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