This week

Melody had yesterday off from school and the weather changed from “I think it should be Winter for a few days” to “let’s just rain non-stop for about 9 days.” Willow spilled cereal down my pants, took two eggs out of the fridge for no reason and then decided to climb on top of the piano so she could reach the bread I made. I can’t wait for nicer weather. In their spare time when they aren’t destroying the house they enjoy dancing to Lady Gaga and doing handstands on the couch. šŸ™‚

I took some photos of my journal pages if that’s what I call them anymore. I use the watercolor and the mixed media journals from Strathmore and will not be using anything else anytime soon. They are the best! the covers are plain, the paper never wears out no matter what I do and the spiral binding and the quality overall are so great. The first one is digitally altered in Photoshop to jazz it up. These don’t have writing on them but some of the other ones do.



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