In progress

Since I have liked so many neutral paintings lately I thought I would give using different hues a try. I had a lot of fun but then when it was time to take a break and an “in progress” shot I realized it doesn’t look as good as I thought. I will hopefully fix it a little and finish it tomorrow.

My poppy painting needs more work too and I think I am going to add some texture and different colors to the petals.

The giant canvas, my first that I made myself, came back out this weekend. I worked on the main image for awhile. I like it so far but it’s so huge I don’t even know how to hang it once it’s done.

I ran out of staples so we had to go to Lowes this week. I got the wrong ones of course. I even brought part of the staple gun and asked a guy who worked there. He said to use T-50. Ok well they are all T-50 so that was no help. I went to get different ones today at Fred Meyer which are for heavy duty and those are actually working. It might be the wood I am using is not soft enough or something I don’t know.


8 thoughts on “In progress

  1. Thanks for your words on the FIL Amy ;o)
    I do love the top grey painting soo much !! ;o) you are youe own worst critic , like myself , but if you don`t feel happy with it then have a break from it and look at it with fresh eyes and see if you feel the same ! personally i wouldn`t change it !

    1. I talked to my Dad about which saw to get and I think I can get one for like $100 on sale. I will have to save up but I could use it for mitre-ing as well as cutting some boards for a raised bed, etc. I have been making David do the cutting lately as my arm gets tired! amy

  2. build your own canvases? That must be quite a job. Is it all that much cheaper to do it this way or do you just enjoy the task? I think I’m much too lazy to even think of doing it. lol

    1. It does save a lot of money or I wouldn’t do it. I don’t really enjoy it that much. One good thing is that I always have the ability to make what size that I want and get started without going to a store or ordering them and waiting. 🙂 My friend sent me a link to how to go about doing it and it’s pretty easy.

  3. I love the direction you are going in and your banner is beautiful. I have somehow been gone too long. Looking back at your posts I really love the photographs of the water birds… looks like here, only in a month or so… I enjoy your tumblr too.

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