Cheese rolling

This weekend was the 5th Annual Cheese Rolling competition. How this came about was I read about an English tradition of rolling a wheel of cheese down the hill in Spring. The idea was to bring back the sun or turn the wheel really (as in wheel of the year). So the first year we rolled a small cheese down the hill and rolled after it at a nearby park. Then we got a little better organized and had a box to put the cheese in which is now sort of distressed looking because I painted it green without sandpapering the surface first. I put the morel and leek cheese inside. This year I got another Irish cheese to eat with it afterward as well. So we have a competition with four adults every year rolling down the hill. There are problems with technique, wearing of waterproof gear and still a need for an official trophy besides the cheese and bragging rights. This year it was raining pretty hard and we got soaked. Melody decided to roll after the fact so we redid it a bit for her and I just took photos. Willow stared at us the whole time and didn’t participate at all. She just looked at us like we were crazy. If you are my friend on Facebook I posted the YouTube video on there.



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