This was taken with my new Nikon camera when I got it last September. It was the first outing we went on after I got it. Things aren’t dew-ish right now they are soggy and muddy. 😦 The weather is doing what it usually does although I have a lot of outdoor projects I need to work on. Included is a remodeling of the chicken coops, Melody’s raised flower bed and then weeding and transferring compost into the raised beds for this year. We started basil, mandrake and nasturtium indoors so far. All have come up but the mandrake which is fine since it’s tempermental and also takes awhile to germinate. The seeds may be too old but I am thinking they are ok still. I am planting tomato and melon seeds tomorrow to get those going. I am also doing not only a seed planting calendar for us this year but also a chore chart. So that the girls and David can help more I am going to come up with a list of things that need to be done outside for the week. Melody and Willow like to help with what they can and can do weeding and watering now which is good. They can also both pick things for me which is nice. I can’t wait for the strawberries. We used up the last of our summer fruit in a smoothie last week. 😦

Hope things are starting to look like Spring where you are.


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