Flowers and feathers

Not a lot of art happening from me lately. I finished the other little painting though and will list that on Etsy later. I don’t think I should list some of the bigger pieces on there because well they are big and heavy and I doubt they would sell. I could put the option of delivering if the person is local maybe.

It is Spring but we are not really getting much Spring weather. I picked daffodils with the girls and my Mom yesterday which was fun. I forgot, or didn’t know, that they actually smell kind of good. 🙂 We planted some more seeds in a starter tray to put in the garage including tomatoes, melon and carnations. We need to get a head start on things in case we don’t have a good summer (hoping we do).

Oh and chicks we can’t forget them. We got two this year to sort of replace the two old hens that were killed by the raccoon this past year. I wanted to get Rhode Island Reds again but wanted to be able to tell them apart from the other two we already have. We got golden sexlink instead. We were really happy with the black sexlink we used to have named Glenda. She had a nice disposition and also laid eggs until she died of old age almost. 🙂 Melody names them after her teachers so they are Mrs. Paulson and Mrs. Hill this time. For now we have them indoors but will move them out in the garage once they get a little bigger. They need to be handled growing up so we can easily scoop them up when needed instead of herding them like sheep. In the garden I managed to tackle several blackberry weed vines and now have to figure out what to do with them as we don’t do yard debris and instead compost.

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