Spring Equinox celebration

We celebrated Spring Equinox a little late but it’s still very appropriate. I often think sometimes waiting a bit later until seasonal cues in your area dictate celebrating is a better idea. It is always raining, well almost, at Spring Equinox and it doesn’t matter a week or two either way when we actually mark the occasion. 🙂

Melody found out at 4 p.m. Friday that I had gotten Spring cookies to bake so we made those.

Melody woke up at 6:20 a.m. Sunday wanting to dye eggs. She then found her Ostara/Eostre basket.

At 11 a.m. we set things up and then looked at the 3-breasted cookie created by our circle sister. She found the image of this Italian goddess who had three breasts. Two of the breasts gave milk and the other gave wine. The three breasted woman of Frascati goes by many names: La Pupazza di Frascati, pupazza frascatana, and “Miss Frascati”. She is a traditional cookie made from honey, flour and water.  She is a local goddess of abundance.

We ate locally-harvested mushrooms, potatoes with my chives, bread, the cookie, cheese, broccoli and strawberries and raspberries.


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