The Academy

I went to review a photography exhibit in downtown Vancouver (Wa) yesterday for my freelance job and on the way back I decided to drive around The Academy. I know the main building is haunted as I felt really weird energy when I was on the staircase there before and it’s a really old building as well. I looked online and found a lot of information about the “haunting” of sorts that says the downstairs part of the building is where the spirit activity has taken place.

The Academy was originally built in 1871 by Mother Joseph of the Sisters of Providence and dedicated as the House of Providence in 1873. The Academy opened in 1874 as a girls’ boarding school.

I looked at the other building yesterday that includes the chimney I guess and I took photos from my car window except for a couple I got out in the parking lot. I didn’t get that close because the signs everywhere say I need permission to do “any activity” from the owners. This makes sense because anyone could destroy parts of the building by even touching it or getting hurt.


3 thoughts on “The Academy

  1. You sure caught my eye with this post! Our office is actually in the Academy! and I hope like everything it is NOT haunted.

    Sure photographed a lot of weddings there and believe me, it is a gorgeous setting for photos.

    I love this set you took. come back in the fall when all those lovely bare vines you seem so enchanted with are covered with crimson leaves. If you are concerned about wandering the gorunds, we will be most happy to host!

    1. That is funny, or weird, a strange coincidence that is where your office is. The bottom floor (not sure what it is used for) has had several people say that there are little girls that have been seen or move things around, etc. I don’t think it is anything to be worried about as I am sure they are not out to get anyone and are just sort of around since the building is so old. 🙂


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