Spring Break

This past week we were on Spring Break from Melody’s school and my husband took the week off too. We did a lot of fun things and even spent quite a bit of time outside when it wasn’t raining.

We have blooms on the two plum trees, went to Powell’s Books, Voodoo Donuts, the library, out to dinner, did some gardening (me), made a cake, Melody went to see the movie Hop with my Mom and Willow kissed and hugged a slug and more worms. She really loves all beings. I did a few journal pages, got some used books and then read Farm City from the library (half of it so far). I also did two assemblages but they aren’t all the way assembled yet. My husband fixed the wood bars on my small canvas so I can do that today. We have to wait a couple weeks before we get a real saw.

The car on the night of the gallery opening broke down and we ended up at Wendy’s for two hours but it turned out ok. We had it worked on for a week and now it’s still not fixed because something is off with the sensors which sucks. The tires needed rotating anyways and it needed a new battery and oil change. So we have the car back at home and have to take it in tomorrow I guess to have it fixed again. I hate cars but I can’t get a scooter or anything because I have to be able to transport three of us at a time. I even looked into a covered scooter but it isn’t big enough and it looks like a pope mobile!



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