I got the photos from my sister she took at the Photography Show opening at Splendorporium.  It looks like I am scrunching myself down which I might have been since I rarely have only myself in a photo and not “little people” that are a lot shorter than I am. It appears that I covered the crazy clown photo of someone else that was hanging under one of my other photos. It’s a good photo if you like clowns, which I don’t. Melody and Willow played with the resident gallery pugs.

I started the new canvas this week by covering it with Asian text. The assemblage is almost finished but I have to adhere it to a backboard of some kind. I want to use wood but will have to look around for some or get a piece at the hardware store when I go next week. I am looking forward to getting the saw so I can cut things like a board or the used fencing material which I am going to use for Melody’s flower bed.

We started the melon, tomato, carnation and basil seeds so far. The peas are going in the ground today and I planned the garden on the Territorial Seed calendar program.


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