I am back

The screen-free week was a success. It didn’t go like I thought it was going to because Melody didn’t have school but two days last week and most of my time was spent playing, cooking, playing some more, gardening, watching the girls run around in the neighborhood and supplying various alternative entertainment ideas. I personally didn’t get much of anything done at all. That was the surprise. I somehow thought I would get all this art and photography done and relax with some of my books from the library. With a 2 and 6-year-old at home with me everyday that didn’t happen. And that’s ok. It was a good week and the weather was so nice outside that we were outside almost every day for 4 hours. This morning I noticed we didn’t watch any tv except for Sesame Street and Melody played a Star Wars Game from online. During the week they played together a lot and Melody helped her little sister with art projects and playing soccer, painting or drawing on birdhouses and working outside.

The main points were…

If it’s dark and raining outside they run out of things to do in the house sometimes and watch to much PBS kids.

We don’t have cable so we never see commercials, well I do if I happen to attempt to watch a few minutes of the news (rarely).

A lot of kids who watch too much tv, are on the computer for a long time and play video games do suffer but moderation is the key. One or two shows on tv that they really like are fine. Movies are good to watch too if it’s raining outside and they both enjoy the same one.

I didn’t miss anything on e-mail or Facebook or reading blogs. I still haven’t read a lot of blog entries or too much on Facebook because it takes awhile and I have been busy baking and labeling my plants and keeping Willow out of the candy left from Easter.

The idea that you are turning on Life I like to a certain extent. It’s fine to communicate with people on the computer but it’s also not something I think is necessary. Get out of the house and talk to your neighbors, give someone a phone call and meet up with them somewhere to do something. I think most of us spend too much time on the computer and we should be making more friends face to face rather than typing to them.


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