54 and not raining

It wasn’t raining but it was cloudy at the coast on Sunday. My sister and her dog came with us to the beach for the day. The girls had a lot of fun and Melody wouldn’t get out of the water even though it was cold. You can’t swim in the water on the Oregon coast but you can surf (if you wear a wetsuit) and play in the sand. Oh and fly a kite. I remembered to get kites before we left home because the girls are really into them and were so excited to fly them! Melody was in denial about the fact that you can’t fly a kite at home. She put her’s on the wall in her room for now.

Today it is raining and a good day to declutter, cook and finish a few paintings.I thought about my schedule during the day and realize that I have to get things done in the morning or in the evening and also try to reach higher as far as creating art goes. I can do better and apply for better opportunities but I just don’t.  I don’t want to fail I guess. I don’t like rejection. The other problem I run into is that I don’t want to pay jury fees and then not sell the pieces which is what normally happens. I try to keep up with doing something every couple months to put on my resume or experience but what I will then do with that experience I am not sure.


Working on

I have a few things finished on the art table. One is a painting of moonflowers for Melody. She claimed this so it is going in her room. 🙂 I left the sun shining over the top of the canvas in the photo. It’s not coming from the direction of the moon but it’s still cool I think.

I did this really ugly drawing of a girl a year or two ago (likely two years ago) and found it in the garage. I redid her face and then I fixed her sunrays a bit. I have a butterfly mask that someone gave me in 2002 I think and I put it on this hat that I made to wear at work. Anyways….I was inspired to put a butterfly mask on her.

The other woman is on a wood piece in an oval shape. It’s not done yet but I am taking in progress photos. I think I should have adhered a different woman to the wood because this is a painting and it’s not very good compared to the pencil women that I have in my journal. I don’t want to draw people or paint them for the most part but I liked the idea of this so I will finish her up. The next one will be a chicken. 🙂

Painting Accessible Abstracts by Laura Reiter

Painting Accessible Abstracts by Laura Reiter

I got this book in February I think and I really like it. I was trying to decide between two different books about abstract painting and this one looked perfect. It has a lot about different techniques and how to find subject matter in unusual ways.

Different artists’ work is featured throughout the book which are different from Reiter’s style so you can see different interpretations of one subject or different approaches and styles besides her’s. I like her art so I was most drawn to the book because of that reason. I love the colors she uses and the textures and her style.

There are different chapters based on components that you use in your painting like composition, shapes, images, printing, using colors and mixing colors as well as examples of different degrees of abstraction.

I tend to just do very abstract shapes with papers and paint and remove layers and there is some textural suggestions as well as different ideas for composition like cutting up a lot of photos which I would never think of. I believe that is the sign of a good book when I realize “there’s no way I would ever think to do that” and then I have a new idea.

So I give this three out of four paint brushes!

New flowers

They had a gallery night with art and music at Melody’s school last night. The concept was really cool in that the kids art was on walls all over the school and then there were local artists doing demos and teaching kids about what they do. There were musicians from the high school and an art making table too.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when I don’t allergies. I took my zyrtec plus two benadryl and am finally feeling better. I sneezed so much I couldn’t do anything else today. 😦 There are a lot of weedy things blooming and those are generally what i am allergic to. I am not allergic to the flowers we have in the garden or tons of plants, just mildly allergic to everything and majorly allergic to horses, cats, dogs and dust.

I will be posting more very soon with art-related goodness. 🙂

Life Drawing Watching

I am doing an article about local art classes and went to photograph a life drawing group yesterday. They have been meeting for about six years and take turns posing for each other. It’s a free group and set up so anyone can come and draw for free on Saturdays.  While I was taking photos I was most interested in how each artist approached their 20-minute sketch differently. With some I wondered if they were going to finish and others I wasn’t sure why they were filling in certain areas first rather than others. So it was very interesting to watch all of them draw my friend who was posing at that time. Each artist also used a different medium, graphite, charcoal, pencil, pen, watercolor and likely something else I didn’t notice!

I use photos on here that I know that I won’t use for publication to avoid any conflicts.

Moonflower and no power

My lovely power tool is having problems because I can’t loosen the screw in order to change the blade. I looked for the W-D 40 and can’t find it. I am going to have my husband look at it tonight and then will bring in reinforcements if necessary. I really don’t want to hand saw another piece of wood since we have this thing, I want to use it!

I got a canvas on sale at the store this past week and started a moonflower painting on it. Melody somehow already claimed this as her own and then wanted to add some glitter glue to it. 🙂 I let her and then I painted over most of it. I am going to do the flower’s insides and the vines tomorrow and then work on the background and add more color to it. I used white liquitex paint over some of the purple Windsor and Newton and my goddess there’s no covering over it. I tried three layers and then used some structural type paint and smooshed it on. I know that some paints have different opaqueness and also the quality is different and the thickness but it’s still a learning lesson I guess.

I decided I like the mixed media Strathmore Journal paper better than the watercolor so I will use that from now on in my visual journals/art journals/sketchbook. I don’t do a lot of writing in these so I hesitate to call them an art journal but in a way they are stored ideas and creative outpouring over a day or two on each page right? The page with the boat on it I fixed the background in photoshop. The little table in the ocean is our water bill, or rather our water usage from month to month.

As soon as I get my paycheck I want to get some panels to work on from Utrecht. They are having a sale through the end of the month I believe. I may get an easel but maybe not. I can always prop things up on a chair.


I went to Craft Warehouse on Friday and got several boards and a metal backing for some assemblages I wanted to finish. The wood was even on sale too for about $1.19 or so each.  The fern looks perfect on the wood that I stained green and the hanging wire I added some beads to that are very natural looking.

So far I just finished the fern one and listed it on Etsy though I am doubtful that it will sell. I am thinking of not relisting anything in my shop for awhile and finish up everything else. I could then sort of re-launch things maybe later. I don’t know if I should even try selling things as I really only sell one thing a year.  My intent is to make things and sell them for extra money. Instead I write for extra money to pay for art supplies. Maybe that’s what’s supposed to be happening right now. I like the idea of having everything fresh and new in my Etsy shop in a month or so but I will mull it over. 🙂


We went to the river yesterday. I wanted to look at river stones but Willow kept throwing huge rocks in and splashing me. We saw a few butterflies that were flitting around. On the way to the play area (which Willow remembered!) we passed the Willow trees. Willow said those are “my trees” and was quite possessive of them. 🙂


Still can’t seem to finish anything except for the arts calendar and a art show preview which I technically didn’t finish because I was missing a photo and one listing that I didn’t get. Next month hopefully it will all come together better. I like writing about local art and I am also excited to go to First Friday this week after I learned a little more about a couple of artists. There is one who is visiting from Russia and another that does textural work that looks like it will inspire me collect even more shells and twigs and rocks than I already have.

I also have to go pick up the photos from last month’s photography show I was in. This means I need enough gas money to get over to Portland and I should also have a little extra money to stop at the liquor store too. For some reason the liquor store over there is fabulous compared to our small town one here. I didn’t know the world of liquor could be so impressive till I went to the store on Powell to get Damiana and Strega. 🙂

The weather got all Springlike and sunny for one week then it’s not nice another week, then nice this past weekend then now it’s not nice again. 😦  Some years we go to a local park and sit in the sun for Mother’s Day and the girls have worn sundresses. Other years we have to be under the trees and have a picnic and leave. Not sure about this year yet.

I debated whether I should keep a separate blog for the gardening, growing thing. I did for awhile but then lumped it into one blog again. I really think that it’s all part of my life and the plants are inspiring to my creative life. I know a lot of artists who garden and grow all kinds of things and include those images in their art too. So anyways I am growing a lot of flowers from seed this year for Melody’s garden and the one thing I am wondering about is when they are going to bloom. For vegetables they have days till harvest but they don’t have that on flowers so I am wondering or hoping I should say that some of them bloom before fall.