Still can’t seem to finish anything except for the arts calendar and a art show preview which I technically didn’t finish because I was missing a photo and one listing that I didn’t get. Next month hopefully it will all come together better. I like writing about local art and I am also excited to go to First Friday this week after I learned a little more about a couple of artists. There is one who is visiting from Russia and another that does textural work that looks like it will inspire me collect even more shells and twigs and rocks than I already have.

I also have to go pick up the photos from last month’s photography show I was in. This means I need enough gas money to get over to Portland and I should also have a little extra money to stop at the liquor store too. For some reason the liquor store over there is fabulous compared to our small town one here. I didn’t know the world of liquor could be so impressive till I went to the store on Powell to get Damiana and Strega. 🙂

The weather got all Springlike and sunny for one week then it’s not nice another week, then nice this past weekend then now it’s not nice again. 😦  Some years we go to a local park and sit in the sun for Mother’s Day and the girls have worn sundresses. Other years we have to be under the trees and have a picnic and leave. Not sure about this year yet.

I debated whether I should keep a separate blog for the gardening, growing thing. I did for awhile but then lumped it into one blog again. I really think that it’s all part of my life and the plants are inspiring to my creative life. I know a lot of artists who garden and grow all kinds of things and include those images in their art too. So anyways I am growing a lot of flowers from seed this year for Melody’s garden and the one thing I am wondering about is when they are going to bloom. For vegetables they have days till harvest but they don’t have that on flowers so I am wondering or hoping I should say that some of them bloom before fall.

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