I went to Craft Warehouse on Friday and got several boards and a metal backing for some assemblages I wanted to finish. The wood was even on sale too for about $1.19 or so each.  The fern looks perfect on the wood that I stained green and the hanging wire I added some beads to that are very natural looking.

So far I just finished the fern one and listed it on Etsy though I am doubtful that it will sell. I am thinking of not relisting anything in my shop for awhile and finish up everything else. I could then sort of re-launch things maybe later. I don’t know if I should even try selling things as I really only sell one thing a year.  My intent is to make things and sell them for extra money. Instead I write for extra money to pay for art supplies. Maybe that’s what’s supposed to be happening right now. I like the idea of having everything fresh and new in my Etsy shop in a month or so but I will mull it over. 🙂


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