Moonflower and no power

My lovely power tool is having problems because I can’t loosen the screw in order to change the blade. I looked for the W-D 40 and can’t find it. I am going to have my husband look at it tonight and then will bring in reinforcements if necessary. I really don’t want to hand saw another piece of wood since we have this thing, I want to use it!

I got a canvas on sale at the store this past week and started a moonflower painting on it. Melody somehow already claimed this as her own and then wanted to add some glitter glue to it. šŸ™‚ I let her and then I painted over most of it. I am going to do the flower’s insides and the vines tomorrow and then work on the background and add more color to it. I used white liquitex paint over some of the purple Windsor and Newton and my goddess there’s no covering over it. I tried three layers and then used some structural type paint and smooshed it on. I know that some paints have different opaqueness and also the quality is different and the thickness but it’s still a learning lesson I guess.

I decided I like the mixed media Strathmore Journal paper better than the watercolor so I will use that from now on in my visual journals/art journals/sketchbook. I don’t do a lot of writing in these so I hesitate to call them an art journal but in a way they are stored ideas and creative outpouring over a day or two on each page right? The page with the boat on it I fixed the background in photoshop. The little table in the ocean is our water bill, or rather our water usage from month to month.

As soon as I get my paycheck I want to get some panels to work on from Utrecht. They are having a sale through the end of the month I believe. I may get an easel but maybe not. I can always prop things up on a chair.


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