New flowers

They had a gallery night with art and music at Melody’s school last night. The concept was really cool in that the kids art was on walls all over the school and then there were local artists doing demos and teaching kids about what they do. There were musicians from the high school and an art making table too.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when I don’t allergies. I took my zyrtec plus two benadryl and am finally feeling better. I sneezed so much I couldn’t do anything else today. 😦 There are a lot of weedy things blooming and those are generally what i am allergic to. I am not allergic to the flowers we have in the garden or tons of plants, just mildly allergic to everything and majorly allergic to horses, cats, dogs and dust.

I will be posting more very soon with art-related goodness. 🙂


One thought on “New flowers

  1. Sorry to hear about your allergies :[
    Wishing you well!
    Sounds like you & your family had a wonderful time at the “Gallery Night”.
    There nothing more beautiful than seeing art, through the eyes of a child.

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