Painting Accessible Abstracts by Laura Reiter

Painting Accessible Abstracts by Laura Reiter

I got this book in February I think and I really like it. I was trying to decide between two different books about abstract painting and this one looked perfect. It has a lot about different techniques and how to find subject matter in unusual ways.

Different artists’ work is featured throughout the book which are different from Reiter’s style so you can see different interpretations of one subject or different approaches and styles besides her’s. I like her art so I was most drawn to the book because of that reason. I love the colors she uses and the textures and her style.

There are different chapters based on components that you use in your painting like composition, shapes, images, printing, using colors and mixing colors as well as examples of different degrees of abstraction.

I tend to just do very abstract shapes with papers and paint and remove layers and there is some textural suggestions as well as different ideas for composition like cutting up a lot of photos which I would never think of. I believe that is the sign of a good book when I realize “there’s no way I would ever think to do that” and then I have a new idea.

So I give this three out of four paint brushes!

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