Working on

I have a few things finished on the art table. One is a painting of moonflowers for Melody. She claimed this so it is going in her room. 🙂 I left the sun shining over the top of the canvas in the photo. It’s not coming from the direction of the moon but it’s still cool I think.

I did this really ugly drawing of a girl a year or two ago (likely two years ago) and found it in the garage. I redid her face and then I fixed her sunrays a bit. I have a butterfly mask that someone gave me in 2002 I think and I put it on this hat that I made to wear at work. Anyways….I was inspired to put a butterfly mask on her.

The other woman is on a wood piece in an oval shape. It’s not done yet but I am taking in progress photos. I think I should have adhered a different woman to the wood because this is a painting and it’s not very good compared to the pencil women that I have in my journal. I don’t want to draw people or paint them for the most part but I liked the idea of this so I will finish her up. The next one will be a chicken. 🙂

One thought on “Working on

  1. These are great pieces of work!
    My favorite, the women with the house ❤
    Really like the effect, the colored pencils, gave to this art journal page.
    Thanks for sharing.

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