54 and not raining

It wasn’t raining but it was cloudy at the coast on Sunday. My sister and her dog came with us to the beach for the day. The girls had a lot of fun and Melody wouldn’t get out of the water even though it was cold. You can’t swim in the water on the Oregon coast but you can surf (if you wear a wetsuit) and play in the sand. Oh and fly a kite. I remembered to get kites before we left home because the girls are really into them and were so excited to fly them! Melody was in denial about the fact that you can’t fly a kite at home. She put her’s on the wall in her room for now.

Today it is raining and a good day to declutter, cook and finish a few paintings.I thought about my schedule during the day and realize that I have to get things done in the morning or in the evening and also try to reach higher as far as creating art goes. I can do better and apply for better opportunities but I just don’t.  I don’t want to fail I guess. I don’t like rejection. The other problem I run into is that I don’t want to pay jury fees and then not sell the pieces which is what normally happens. I try to keep up with doing something every couple months to put on my resume or experience but what I will then do with that experience I am not sure.


2 thoughts on “54 and not raining

  1. Don’t pay jury fees unless it is a really special show. Shows that report huge sales every year for example. If the exhibit sold thousands of dollars in art last year, it might be worth a fee, its not worth it if they don’t sell a lot of art. Also only pay a jury fee if you think it is likely the juror will pick your art–find out who the juror is, look at either past shows they have juried (usually at least a promotional image or two is available or a newspaper photo that will show a few pieces) or at the very least the jurors own art work. If you think that artists might choose your work, then it could be worth it. Some jurors will favor and abstract exhibit, others a realism exhibit, Jurors are chosen for their taste, so you gotta guess if your art would be to their taste.

    I have never paid jurying fees, I have also never sold anything in a gallery. I just do better with online and selling directly to people I meet and talk with. People say, oh, you are an artist? Let me see your work, and sometimes I sell something that way. Other than that, nada!

    I am going to have to get gutsier too, and start submitting to bigger shows, but I gotta get the time and energy! I can’t shame myself for only doing what I have time for, and really the art world isn’t going anywhere, it will be there when I am ready to jump in all the way.

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