Recycled Arts fun in the sun

Had the best weekend! It was summer weather, ice cream, good people, recycled arts festival, and more!

There was a wish machine made out of recycled material that Melody used. The dials had to be turned to the right numbers and astrological sign first. The farmer’s market was next to the recycled art which was a bonus. The Portland Taiko drumming group performed in the morning. We went home and then had our neighborhood party in our backyard. Our neighbor then had a Lemoncello party that evening which I didn’t stay for all of. I was going back and forth watching the girls at the neighbor’s house.



Summer arrives

I love Summer here in the Northwest.  This Summer I have these glorious ideas of all the things I want to do and places I want to go. In between that I have a car that doesn’t work all the time (hopefully we will a very get a used one Sunday for trade in), and two kids to keep track of in the neighborhood. Willow got out of the neighbor’s backyard a week or so ago so I have to keep an eye on the exit points to keep track of her.

This weekend we have our annual neighborhood birthday party with strawberries. Well we don’t have strawberries and the backyard isn’t weeded enough to make me happy yet. So we will have to get local berries that are early ones and I have today to finish up any weeding. Tomorrow we go grocery shopping and to the Japanese Garden to meet up with a friend.  Saturday there is Taiko drumming early in the day at the park downtown (Vancouver) and so we are going to that before coming back home for the party.  Busy!

I moved most of my art supplies into the garage again but I haven’t gotten anything finished as of yet. I found inspiration for doing a studio set up in a garage from the Studios magazines by Cloth Paper Scissors. I have two issues now which have given me several ideas including a curtain to hide any “other” garage storage and bikes. The chickens pooped on two of my paintings in the garage because they thought they should sleep there for the night. 😦 There has to be a happy medium solution to this and I am determined to find it. I don’t need a big space to create in but I can’t be on carpet usually because of the paint mess. I could also do a room divider too and move other boxes up into the attic and really clear it out. We shall see.

I also want to collage our floor in our house so I have too many projects in mind. Oh and I need to make the chickens something in the form of a coop. They sleep in the pear tree and the two younger ones sleep in the garage.


Natural textures and beads

I started this painting with completely different colors and hated it. Willow helped with the background and then I collected some rotting tree bark from the forest on Thursday. I dried it and then shredded it a little more so it’s kind of like paper. I think I am going to seal it in with semi gloss medium or something still. The writing was just sort of scribbling but then the whole thing looked like an earth strata piece or something!

I made a necklace this weekend and a pair of earrings then started a second necklace as well. The first necklace is in my etsy shop. The necklace I am doing has bone and then holly berries that I collected in winter and then I strung them on thread to put the holes in them. I so far have been able to string them through the beading material, or at least most of them. I wanted to make some really natural jewelry and ordered a few pendants to use on them.  If they don’t sell, instead of marking them down I will keep them for myself. I used to do that but I would get frustrated and mark them down too low and then sell them for nothing. Not these!



The river the forest

I went to the river by myself for an hour yesterday. Did I mention I was ALONE! I don’t think I have ever been to this park alone before. I at least have the dog. I even left him home. I looked at everything that I wanted to including the rocks by the river and then took photos of a snail and flowers and even a heart tree. When I looked at it I realized the holes were heart-shaped. I still haven’t painted on the burlap but I am almost done with another painting on canvas that is abstract, textured and Willow even helped with the initial background.




Burlap and Fiat

I started this painting and then stuck it in the rain on Friday to see what would happen. I have to cut the windows out of the car and put a road or something in and I will like it more. I have to stretch the sides because I couldn’t get the canvas to fit over the edges. I don’t have the stretch tool you use to do that.

My friend Sara brought over some burlap today to put on stretcher bars and paint on. She saw some work by an artist that used burlap and then got a big coffee sack that she split with me. 🙂 So far it just has gesso with some water on it. It stretched out or shrunk nicely so far and the ink from the writing is soaking through which I also like. My staple gun I do not like and I will have to get a new one soon. It comes apart and the staples fly out. Not good.