Burlap and Fiat

I started this painting and then stuck it in the rain on Friday to see what would happen. I have to cut the windows out of the car and put a road or something in and I will like it more. I have to stretch the sides because I couldn’t get the canvas to fit over the edges. I don’t have the stretch tool you use to do that.

My friend Sara brought over some burlap today to put on stretcher bars and paint on. She saw some work by an artist that used burlap and then got a big coffee sack that she split with me. 🙂 So far it just has gesso with some water on it. It stretched out or shrunk nicely so far and the ink from the writing is soaking through which I also like. My staple gun I do not like and I will have to get a new one soon. It comes apart and the staples fly out. Not good.


2 thoughts on “Burlap and Fiat

  1. Now this sound like an awful lot of fun. Don’t usually paint but I love this idea – an of course living up here where we do gives us unlimited opportunities for “painting with rain drops”!

    Thank you for sharing. I have a friend who will definitely love this! Am sending now.

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