Natural textures and beads

I started this painting with completely different colors and hated it. Willow helped with the background and then I collected some rotting tree bark from the forest on Thursday. I dried it and then shredded it a little more so it’s kind of like paper. I think I am going to seal it in with semi gloss medium or something still. The writing was just sort of scribbling but then the whole thing looked like an earth strata piece or something!

I made a necklace this weekend and a pair of earrings then started a second necklace as well. The first necklace is in my etsy shop. The necklace I am doing has bone and then holly berries that I collected in winter and then I strung them on thread to put the holes in them. I so far have been able to string them through the beading material, or at least most of them. I wanted to make some really natural jewelry and ordered a few pendants to use on them.  If they don’t sell, instead of marking them down I will keep them for myself. I used to do that but I would get frustrated and mark them down too low and then sell them for nothing. Not these!




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