Summer arrives

I love Summer here in the Northwest.  This Summer I have these glorious ideas of all the things I want to do and places I want to go. In between that I have a car that doesn’t work all the time (hopefully we will a very get a used one Sunday for trade in), and two kids to keep track of in the neighborhood. Willow got out of the neighbor’s backyard a week or so ago so I have to keep an eye on the exit points to keep track of her.

This weekend we have our annual neighborhood birthday party with strawberries. Well we don’t have strawberries and the backyard isn’t weeded enough to make me happy yet. So we will have to get local berries that are early ones and I have today to finish up any weeding. Tomorrow we go grocery shopping and to the Japanese Garden to meet up with a friend.  Saturday there is Taiko drumming early in the day at the park downtown (Vancouver) and so we are going to that before coming back home for the party.  Busy!

I moved most of my art supplies into the garage again but I haven’t gotten anything finished as of yet. I found inspiration for doing a studio set up in a garage from the Studios magazines by Cloth Paper Scissors. I have two issues now which have given me several ideas including a curtain to hide any “other” garage storage and bikes. The chickens pooped on two of my paintings in the garage because they thought they should sleep there for the night. 😦 There has to be a happy medium solution to this and I am determined to find it. I don’t need a big space to create in but I can’t be on carpet usually because of the paint mess. I could also do a room divider too and move other boxes up into the attic and really clear it out. We shall see.

I also want to collage our floor in our house so I have too many projects in mind. Oh and I need to make the chickens something in the form of a coop. They sleep in the pear tree and the two younger ones sleep in the garage.



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