Collage without glue

I didn’t actually glue these things down yet. I have the glue I just don’t have the board or backing. I can still collage without the final result though!

I am back on Facebook finally too which is good in one way since I need to read a couple of things on there. I am downplaying literally any games in favor of painting more and sitting in the sun.





Paint Your Art Out

I got an e-mail this morning to say I was accepted for the Siren Nation’s Paint Your Art Out event. I thought it sounded really cool and liked the idea of supporting women in the arts too.

Siren Nation’s mission is to inspire and empower women of all ages to create their own art and to highlight the many achievements of women in the arts. Siren Nation promotes and showcases the original work of women artists by creating year round performance, exhibition, and educational opportunities.

If you are local or sort of local it would be a great event to come to!  It’s on August 18  at Secret Society, 116 NE Russell Street, Portland, Oregon. Free Admission- Event is all ages

6:00 pm-9:00 pm – Cash Only Wall Art from 50+ artists all under $100.

6:00 pm-8:30 pm Silent Auction and Art Demos.

Paint Your Art Out is Siren Nation’s annual celebration of visual art, including live painting demos, silent art auction and a showcase of art by over 50 Northwest artists which all wall art is under $100. Other activities include free swag bags for the first 50 attendees, DJ, and cash bar.

Sketchbook pages

I have told myself that I can’t draw people. Why do I do it then? Maybe because I think I can’t makes me want to try anyways? I used the cobra water soluable oil paints on this girl and then pencils and pens on the doodles.  I like to draw in this sketchbook on the couch when I can. There is a woman on a train in Armenia or somewhere in a National Geographic I have laying around. I liked her pose and she seemed tired and kind of annoyed which is how I feel a lot. I tried drawing her but her eyes and mouth are weird still.










Rearranging creative spaces

Again I am trying to rearrange the creative spaces in the house and garage. I had moved everything to the garage for the summer but then the neighbor kids and my two daughters ended up playing in the garage a lot and so having pieces of paper out on a table to collage wasn’t working out. I am planning to get rid of a lot of stuff from the garage and then move the rest up into the storage overhead. The garage is the best place for me to have tables set up and a large work area where paint can drip on the floor. If I wasn’t so messy at times I could do this in a corner indoors but it’s difficult to paint inside for me because of the dripping factor. 🙂

The kid arts and craft stuff will stay inside for now until Melody goes back to school. When that happens then Willow will have a table out in the garage and she can paint or playdough, etc. I plan to get better lighting out there so we can see better too. I have plans! I have no access to a studio space to rent in the area for cheap and so the garage will have to do. I need to be able to spread things out and keep supplies in clear containers. I can’t have things in a big box and expect them to magically pop out and come together. I may still change my mind about this setup again but at least the garage will be clean at that point! I am going to put the bikes behind a curtain and then most everything else will be moved out from sight too. The main concern I have is about the temperature out there in the Winter and the moisture content when it rains. I can’t control that of course except with a fan or a small heater I guess.



Facebook and e-mail and such

I had my e-mail hacked and then Facebook right after that. The person sent out e-mails on behalf of me saying I need money and am in London with my family, etc. So sorry if anyone got one of those and also I can’t get on Facebook because they signed up using an e-mail with my name that I don’t have access to. 😦 The thing that makes me mad about Facebook is just that I have the visual sharing thing with my photo albums on there that I can’t get to. I also interact with some people that I don’t get to see very often and some other people internationally that are in an online artists group. So poop on that right. I emailed facebook twice with the problem already and haven’t heard back anything. It makes sense that I wouldn’t hear anything because they likely don’t care that much because I don’t advertise with them or spend money with them so the customer service side of things if that’s what you call it wouldn’t be quick. If you don’t see me on there that’s why.

Everything else is fine including everything overall really. I have been having a nice summer despite the fact that the weather hasn’t been nice at all. While the rest of the country suffers through heat we have 68 degrees here. It’s good for colder weather plants and canning things and drying herbs indoors.

This weekend we went to the lava tubes near Mt. St. Helens. I am not too clausterphobic but I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through this thing until I watched my husband and Melody do it first. It hurts your hands and knees as you crawl through because the lava didn’t dry smooth.

On the way home we stopped at Merrill Lake and put our feet in. Well Melody put her whole self in and then got her hair wet too and had to ride home with nothing on pretty much.

Cup runneth over with berries

Because the summer is so weird here this year I made strawberry jam Sunday and then yesterday we went to pick raspberries after eating cherries this past weekend. The blueberries are ripe now too. In addition to the berries I also have a lot of herbs that need to be dried and I found some leftover peach wine in the vat that I didn’t know was there! I don’t know if it’s drinkable or not but I am thinking I can strain it a little and might be able to mix it with chardonnay from the store or something. Or maybe not chardonnay but mead or something I don’t know. I thought the wine evaporated 3 years ago because I forgot about it but I looked this morning and there were about three bottles worth in there. Oops! I need to clean the stuff out anyways because I am going to make some mead and wine this year again. Now that the child birthing and watching when they are tiny is done with I can do a few other things that I used to do. I still will have Willow at home this year while sister is in first grade but I am hoping we can do lots of little projects at home and we can even go places too since we don’t have to worry about being home in time for afternoon kindergarten to start.


Farming permaculturing gardening

I have wanted to have not only a garden but a few dairy goats and more room for my chickens. I have gone to visit dairy goats, purchased their milk to make into cheese and pet babies a few days old. I have oohed and ahhhed over goats at the fair and had maternal feelings toward them and want to put them in my car and take them home. Though we don’t eat pork I read the book “Farm City” and thought hmmm I think I could raise a pig and slaughter it or have it slaughtered so I could make sausages and more. I could do that in my backyard if I kept it on the other side near the cool neighbors and not the crazy lady. The crazy lady said she won’t tell on my chickens although they are illegal but they aren’t illegal in our city.

Anyways we went this weekend to a place that raises their own meat and rotates their animals on their acreage. We eat some chicken and fish at home but usually are vegetarian. The place we visited raises sheep, pigs, chickens, geese and ducks and oh turkeys. So we took a tour and asked a bunch of questions and I bought fresh chickens to take home for me and for my parents. I can taste the difference in the meat. It’s very good meat and white and seems a little more bright colored if that makes sense. Anyways I realized that if I had all that land I would only keep the same number of chickens that I have now and maybe try a pig and then everything else would be fruit trees and fruits and veggies. It kind of helped me narrow things down in my ultimate plan in my head sort of thing. I would like to one day live in a smaller house on 2 acres with goats and chickens and fruits and veggies.  Oh and my family too!

Our ladies don’t have a coop or shelter currently. In extreme weather they can come in the garage. They have two small rabbit hutches where they lay eggs. They sleep in the pear tree up high at night and the two younger ones sleep in the garage in the box of Christmas decorations. I have been wanting to build a coop for them that allows them access in case of a raccoon or just in and out easily so they aren’t trapped in something. This idea that I saw used would be perfect but 1/8 the size.

Not going anywhere

The good thing about losing your keys is that you may

a. find sunscreen you were looking for
b. have to move the couch and cushions providing a new play area for your kids
c. you clean the kitchen looking for them
d. you recycle a bunch of paper near the front door after you throw it all over the place
e. you actually get your husband on his cell phone for the first time in a year
f. all of the above

So actually all of the above! I really thought that maybe me not finding the keys could be a sign from the universe telling me to not drive to the dr. appt. Melody had this morning. I called to cancel it and 5 hours later I found my keys in the garage under a piece of fabric on the floor. I guess Willow was to blame. She likes keys and used to do weird things with them but I thought she would remember seeing them and also remember where she put them. I have found them in the dump truck and in her play farm and some other locations before. I am a believer in things happening for a reason though so we just rescheduled the dr. appt for tomorrow. No big deal and the girls had fun on the couch and playing inside today.

It’s actually raining which is sort of ok. I had started weeding the garden again and it might make it easier to finish that up. I will get some more fall things planted this weekend or I hope to. I have little hope for my neglected tomatoes. Some years we never get them to ripen anyways.

I started to cover this painting in gel yesterday to get it to brighten a little and to secure the bark from the tree that I used on the middle portion. The garage got messed up and then I cleaned it up again. It has not been used for it’s intended purpose that much yet. I realized yesterday while I was doing something that if I have an idea or a painting or something that I am working on and enjoying I usually finish it. If I have to bring it inside or stay up later I usually do.

Enjoy it while you can

I am trying to be very aware of the weather this summer. We have such few weeks of nice weather that I need to make sure to spend as much of it as I can outside. Most days the girls are outside playing with the neighbors or getting in someone’s pool. We have a lot of popsicles and sunscreen application. On Friday we took our second day trip to the beach. Because I have a new used car now we can go a lot more places on less gas (less money).